AviRate International is a young company that specializes in the classificationon and consulting of airlines, airports and other aviation companies.
In times where the quality, safety and service of a provider is important in addition to the price-performance ratio, - not only are hotels or restaurants awarded with stars, but also airlines, airports and other service providers of the aviation industry.

What distinguishes AviRate from other airline and airport ratings?
AviRate is the only aviation classification agency in the world and also the first one assessing objectively all aspects (service, safety, quality, and more) by higly experienced and trained auditors.
For this purpose, AviRate uses a number of self-developed comprehensive and internationally standardized checklists, after which an individual assessment and the corresponding classification is carried out.

Nowadays flying is no longer just a means of transport between two airports or two countries. It is a journey that starts at the airport and ends when the passenger leaves the terminal at the destination airport. It is therefore all the more important that the traveler keep their flight in the same way in mind as his holiday or his business stay. A flight with a star rated airline from and to a star rated airport, that's what your passenger should remember in addition to the number of stars of his hotel.

AviRate International has set this goal. We evaluate your airline, airport or company and give your entity the stars it deserves to show your passengers and corporate partners that you are aware of your prestige and its value. In addition, AviRate Internaional advises your companie wether if you want to create a new product or a new program or concept. From incentive programs to the creation of a new class for passengers - AviRate is your constructive partner.


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