Airlines are classified by AviRate as follows:

             N/A - NotRated-Head.png  
  LOW COST -  star1-Head.png  
  TOURIST -  star2-Head.png  
  COMFORT -  star3-Head.png  
  PREMUIM -  star4-Head.png  
  SUPERIOR -  star5-Head.png  

    Ratings with an Asterix " * " are preliminary assessments only
and awaiting further information before final classification is given.
It is not to be construed as the Airlines final classification.

BACity120.jpg BA City Flyer same3.png A+    NotRated1.png
BahamasAir120.png Bahamasair same3.png AAA NotRated1.png
BangkokAirways120.png Bangkok Airways same3.png BBB NotRated1.png
BassakaAir120.png Bassaka Air DOWN1.png CCC Not Rec..png
BatikAir120.png Batik Air UP1.png AA+ NotRated1.png
Belavia120.png Belavia same3.png AA+ NotRated1.png
BeringAir120.png Bering Air same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
BhutanAirlines120.png Bhutan Airlines DOWN1.png CCC Not Rec..png
BimanBangla120.jpg Biman Bangladesh DOWN1.png CCC Not Rec..png
Binter120.png Binter Canarias same3.png AAA NotRated1.png
BluExpress120.png Blu-Express same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
BlueSkyAviation120.jpg BlueSky Aviation same3.png A-     NotRated1.png
BlueAir120.png Blue Air same3.png AAA NotRated1.png
BluePanorama120.jpg Blue Panorama same3.png AAA NotRated1.png
BlueWingAirlines120.jpg Blue Wing Airlines same3.png BBB NotRated1.png 
BMIRegional120.jpg BMI Regional same3.png AAA NotRated1.png
Boliviana120.png Boliviana same3.png AAA NotRated1.png
Boutique120.jpg Boutique Air same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
Braathens120.png Braathens Regional same3.png AAA NotRated1.png
BravoAirways120.jpg Bravo Airways same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
BritishAirways120.png British Airways same3.png AAA star3-List.png*
BrusselsAirlines120.png Brussels Airlines same3.png AAA NotRated1.png
BuddhaAir120.jpg Buddha Airlines same3.png BBB NotRated1.png
BulgariaAir120.jpg Bulgaria Air same3.png AAA NotRated1.png
BuraqAir120.png Buraq Air DOWN1.png CC+ Not Rec..png
ButaAirways120.png Buta Airways DOWN1.png B-    Not Rec..png
BVIAirways120.png  BVI Airways same3.png A+   NotRated1.png