Airlines are classified by AviRate as follows:

             N/A - NotRated-Head.png  
  LOW COST -  star1-Head.png  
  TOURIST -  star2-Head.png  
  COMFORT -  star3-Head.png  
  PREMUIM -  star4-Head.png  
  SUPERIOR -  star5-Head.png  

    Ratings with an Asterix " * " are preliminary assessments only
and awaiting further information before final classification is given.
It is not to be construed as the Airlines final classification.

EastarJet120.png Eastar Jet same3.png AAA NotRated1.png
EasternAirways120.jpg Eastern Airways same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
EasyFly120.png EasyFly same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
EasyJet120.png EasyJet same3.png A-    Not Rec..png
EasyJet120.png EasyJet Europe same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
EasyJet120.png EasyJet Switzerland same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
EasySkyAirlines120.jpg EasySky Airlines same3.png A-    NotRated1.png
EcoJet120.png EcoJet same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
Edelweiss120.jpg Edelweiss Air same3.png BBB NotRated1.png
EgyptAir120.png Egypt Air same3.png AA   NotRated1.png
EgyptAirEx120.jpg Egypt Air Express same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
ELAL120.png El Al same3.png AAA star3-List.png*
EliteAirways120.png Elite Airways same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
EllinAir120.png Ellinair same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
Emirates120.png Emirates same3.png AA   star3-List.png*
EmpireAirlines120.jpg Empire Airlines same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
EnterAir120.png Enter Air same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
EnvoyAir120.png Envoy same3.png AAA NotRated1.png
EquaFlight120.jpg EquaFlight same3.png BBB NotRated1.png
EritreanAirlines120.jpg Eritrean Airlines DOWN1.png CC+ Not Rec..png
Estelar120.png Estelar same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
Ethiopian120.png Ethiopian same3.png AAA NotRated1.png
Etihad120.png Etihad same3.png AAA star4-List.png*
EuroAtlantic120.png EuroAtlantic Airways same3.png AAA NotRated1.png
Eurowings120.png Eurowings same3.png AAA NotRated1.png
Eurowings120.png Eurowings Europe same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
EvaAir120.png EVA Air same3.png AAA NotRated1.png
EvelopAirlines120.png Evelop Airlines same3.png AAA NotRated1.png