Airlines are classified by AviRate as follows:

             N/A - NotRated-Head.png  
  LOW COST -  star1-Head.png  
  TOURIST -  star2-Head.png  
  COMFORT -  star3-Head.png  
  PREMUIM -  star4-Head.png  
  SUPERIOR -  star5-Head.png  

    Ratings with an Asterix " * " are preliminary assessments only
and awaiting further information before final classification is given.
It is not to be construed as the Airlines final classification.

RavnAlaska120.png Ravn Alaska same3.png BBB NotRated1.png
RealTonga120.png RealTonga DOWN1.png CCC Not Rec..png
RedWings120.png Red Wings same3.png BBB NotRated1.png
RegentAirways120.jpg Regent Airways DOWN1.png CCC Not Rec..png
REX120.png  Regional Express same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
Rhein-Neckar120.png Rhein-Neckar Air same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
Rossiya120.png Rossiya same3.png AAA NotRated1.png
RotanaJet120.png Rotana Jet Aviation same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
RoyalAirMaroc120.png Royal Air Maroc same3.png AAA NotRated1.png
RoyalAirMaroc120.png Royal Air Maroc Express same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
RoyalBrunei120.png Royal Brunei Airlines same3.png AA+ NotRated1.png
RoyalJordanian120.png Royal Jordanian same3.png AAA NotRated1.png
RoyalWings120.jpg Royal Wings same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
Ruili120.jpg Ruili Airlines same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
RusLine12.png RusLine same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
RutacaAirlines120.png Rutaca Airlines same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
RwandAir120.jpg Rwand Air same3.png AA+ NotRated1.png 
RyanAir120.png Ryanair same3.png A+   Not Rec..png
RAC120.png Ryukyu Air same3.png A+   NotRated1.png