Airlines are classified by AviRate as follows:

             N/A - NotRated-Head.png  
  LOW COST -  star1-Head.png  
  TOURIST -  star2-Head.png  
  COMFORT -  star3-Head.png  
  PREMUIM -  star4-Head.png  
  SUPERIOR -  star5-Head.png  

    Ratings with an Asterix " * " are preliminary assessments only
and awaiting further information before final classification is given.
It is not to be construed as the Airlines final classification.

S7120.png S7 Airlines same3.png AAA NotRated1.png
SafariLink120.png Safarilink Aviation same3.png A-    NotRated1.png
SamoaAirways120.png Samoa Airways DOWN1.png B-    Not Rec..png
STPAirways120.png Sao Tome & Principe Airways DOWN1.png CC+ Not Rec..png
SansaAirlines120.png Sansa Airlines same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
SAS120.png SAS same3.png AAA star3-List.png*
SAS120.png SAS Ireland same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
SataAir120.png SATA Air Acores same3.png AAA NotRated1.png
SATENA120.png SATENA same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
Saudia120.png Saudia DOWN1.png AA+ star3-List.png*
SaudiGulf120.png SaudiGulf Airlines same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
SCAT120.png SCAT Airlines same3.png A-    NotRated1.png
Scoot120.png Scoot same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
SeaborneAirlines120.png Seaborne Airlines same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
SEAir120.png SEAir International same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
SeairSeaplanes120.jpg Seair Seaplanes same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
ShaheenAir120.png Shaheen Air same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
ShandongAirlines120.png Shandong Airlines same3.png AAA NotRated1.png
ShanghaiAirlines120.png Shanghai Airlines same3.png AAA NotRated1.png
SharpAirlines120.png Sharp Airlines same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
ShenzhenAirlines120.png Shenzhen Airlines same3.png AAA NotRated1.png
ShreeAirlines120.png Shree Airlines same3.png BBB NotRated1.png
SichuanAirlines120.jpg Sichuan Airlines same3.png AAA NotRated1.png
no-image.png Sila-Avia same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
SilkAir120.png Silkair same3.png AAA NotRated1.png
SilverAirways120.png Silver Airways same3.png AAA NotRated1.png
SilverstoneAir120.jpg Silverstone Air same3.png A-    NotRated1.png
SimrikAirlines120.jpg Simrik Airlines same3.png BBB NotRated1.png
SingaporeAirlines120.png Singapore Airlines same3.png AAA star5-list.png
SkyAirline120.png Sky Airline same3.png AAA NotRated1.png
SkyAngkor120.png Sky Angkor Airlines DOWN1.png CCC Not Rec..png
SkyBahamas120.png Sky Bahamas same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
SkyExpress120.png Sky Express same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
SkyPasada120.png Sky Pasada same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
Skybus120.png Skybus same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
SkyjetAirlines120.png Skyjet Philippines same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
SkymarkAirlines120.jpg Skymark Airlines same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
SkytransAirlines120.png Skytrans Airlines same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
SkywardExpress120.png Skyward Express same3.png BB+ NotRated1.png
SkyworkAirlines120.jpg Skywork Airlines same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
SmartWings120.png Smartwings same3.png AAA NotRated1.png
SolaseedAir120.png Solaseed Air same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
SolomonAirlines120.jpg Solomon Airlines same3.png BBB NotRated1.png
SomonAir120.png Somon Air same3.png AA+ NotRated1.png
SonAir120.jpg Sonair same3.png BBB NotRated1.png
SoundsAir120.png Sounds Air same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
SouthAfrican120.jpg South African Airways same3.png AAA star3-List.png*
SouthAfricanExpress120.png South African Express DOWN1.png C- NotRated1.png
SouthernAirCharter120.png Southern Air Charter same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
SouthernAirwaysExpress120.png Southern Airways Express same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
SouthwestAirlines120.png Southwest Airlines DOWN1.png BBB  star2-List.png*
SpiceJet120.png SpiceJet same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
SpiritAirlines120.png Spirit Airlines same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
SpringAirlines120.png Spring Airlines same3.png AAA NotRated1.png
SpringAirlinesJapan120.png Spring Airlines Japan same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
SprintAir120.jpg Sprintair same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
SriLankanAirlines120.png Srilinkan Airlines same3.png AA+ NotRated1.png
SriwijayaAir120.png Sriwijaya Air UP1.png BBB NotRated1.png
StarFlyer120.png StarFlyer same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
StarMarianasAir120.png Star Marianas Air same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
StarPeru120.png Star Peru same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
SudanAirways120.jpg Sudan Airways same3.png AA+ NotRated1.png
SunCountry120.jpg Sun Country Airlines same3.png AAA NotRated1.png
SunExpress120.png SunExpress same3.png AAA star3-List.png*
SunExpress120.png Sun Express Germany same3.png AAA NotRated1.png
Sundair120.jpg SundAir same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
SunrisaAirways120.jpg Sunrise Airways DOWN1.png CCC Not Rec..png
SunwingAirlines120.png Sunwing Airlines same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
SuparnaAirlines120.jpg Suparna Airlines same3.png AAA NotRated1.png
SupremeAirlines120.png Supreme Airlines same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
SurinamAirways120.jpg Surinam Airways same3.png AAA NotRated1.png
SusiAir120.png Susi Air UP1.png A-    NotRated1.png
SwazilandAirlink120.jpg Swaziland Airlink DOWN1.png CCC Not Rec..png
SwiftAir120.png Swiftair same3.png AA   NotRated1.png
SwissAirlines120.png Swiss same3.png AAA NotRated1.png
SwissAirlines120.png Swiss International same3.png AAA NotRated1.png
Syrianair120.png Syrian Arab Airlines DOWN1.png A-    NotRated1.png