Airlines are classified by AviRate as follows:

             N/A - NotRated-Head.png  
  LOW COST -  star1-Head.png  
  TOURIST -  star2-Head.png  
  COMFORT -  star3-Head.png  
  PREMUIM -  star4-Head.png  
  SUPERIOR -  star5-Head.png  

    Ratings with an Asterix " * " are preliminary assessments only
and awaiting further information before final classification is given.
It is not to be construed as the Airlines final classification.

Taag120.png TAAG Angola same3.png AA    NotRated1.png
TabanAirline120.png Taban Airline same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
TACV120.png TACV DOWN1.png AA+ NotRated1.png
TajikAir120.png Tajik Air same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
Tame120.png TAME same3.png AAA NotRated1.png
TAPairPortugal120.png TAP Air Portugal same3.png AAA star2-List.png*
TaraAir120.png Tara Air DOWN1.png B-    Not Rec..png
TARaerlonieas120.png TAR Aerlonieas same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
TarcoAir120.jpg Tarco Air same3.png BBB NotRated1.png
Tarom120.png TAROM same3.png AAA NotRated1.png
TaronAvia120.jpg Taron Avia same3.png A-    NotRated1.png
TassiliAirlines120.jpg Tassili Airlines same3.png AA+ NotRated1.png
IndonesiaAirAsia120.png Thai AirAsia DOWN1.png CCC Not Rec..png
IndonesiaAirAsiaX120.png Thai AirAsia X DOWN1.png CCC Not Rec..png
ThaiAirways120.png Thai Airways same3.png BBB star4-List.png*
ThaiLionAir120.png Thai Lion Air same3.png BBB NotRated1.png
ThaiSmile120.png Thai Smile Air DOWN1.png CCC Not Rec..png
ThaiVietJetAir120.jpg Thai VietJet Air DOWN1.png CCC Not Rec..png
ThomasCook120.jpg Thomas Cook same3.png AAA NotRated1.png
ThomasCookScandinavia120.jpg Thomas Cook Scandinavia same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
ThunderAirlines120.png Thunder Airlines same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
TianjinAirlines120.png Tianjin Airlines same3.png AAA NotRated1.png
TibetAirlines120.jpg Tibet Airlines same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
TigerairAustralia120.png Tigerair Australia same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
TigerairTaiwan120.png Tigerair Taiwan same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
TransairCongo120.jpg Transair Congo same3.png BB+ NotRated1.png
TransairSenegal120.jpg Transair Senegal same3.png A-    NotRated1.png
TransAnguillaAirways120.png Trans Anguilla Airways same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
TransGuyana120.jpg Trans Guyana Airways DOWN1.png CC+ Not Rec..png
Transavia120.jpg Transavia same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
Transavia120.jpg Transavia France same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
TransNusa120.png TransNusa UP1.png A-    NotRated1.png
TranswestAir120.png Transwest Air same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
TriganaAir120.jpg Trigana Air Service UP1.png BB+  NotRated1.png
TropicAir120.png Tropic Air same3.png A-    NotRated1.png
TropicalAir120.jpg Tropical Air DOWN1.png CCC Not Rec..png
TruJet120.png TruJet same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
TUI120.png TUI Airways same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
TUI120.png TUIfly Belgium same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
TUI120.png TUIfly Germany same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
TUI120.png TUIfly Netherlands same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
TUI120.png TUIfly Nordic same3.png A+   NotRated1.png
Tunisair120.png Tunisair same3.png AA+ NotRated1.png
TunisairExpress120.jpg Tunisair Express same3.png A-    NotRated1.png
TurkishAirlines120.png Turkish Airlines same3.png AAA star3-List.png*
TurkmenistanAirlines120.png Turkmenistan Airlines same3.png A-    NotRated1.png
TUSairways120.png TUS Airways same3.png A-    NotRated1.png
TwayAirlines120.png T'way Airlines same3.png AAA NotRated1.png
TwinJet120.jpg Twin Jet same3.png A+   NotRated1.png